Demodicosis, or red mange, is a common skin disease of dogs caused by a microscopic mite called Demodex canis. These mites are part of the normal flora of the skin, and are present in small numbers, so the disease is not contagious. In predisposed individuals the mites increase in number causing clinical disease.

Demodicosis can be localized to a few areas of the skin or generalized, affecting the majority of the body. The localized form of demodicosis generally affects dogs less than one year of age. The generalized form can affect dogs as juveniles or adults. The adult onset form has a poorer prognosis.

Diagnosis and Treatment Notes:

  • Demodicosis is generally diagnosed by a thorough history, physical examination, and skin scrapings. In some cases, a skin biopsy may be recommended.
  • Treatment depends on the severity of the disease, your individual pet, and your veterinarian. Pets with localized demodicosis may just be monitored. If the disease progresses or generalized demodicosis is diagnosed, treatment may include prescription medications.  Discuss treatment details when your pet is diagnosed with this condition.

What to Watch for*:

  • Scratching or rubbing
  • Hair loss
  • Crusts and sores on skin
  • Red, inflamed skin


* Please notify us if you notice any of the above signs or if you have any questions!